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Space Bandits #1: Double Cross


Written by Mark Millar

Art by Matteo Scalera

Colors by Marcelo Maiolo

Letts by Clem Robins

Mark Millar’s Space Bandits is predictable but entertaining. Space, and con artists, it’s a classic Cowboy Bebop story with way more color. Cody and Khole are “mistreated” criminals that were wronged in their pursuit of happiness (making millions of dollars at the expense of breaking the law).

Cody’s story as the first act of the issue was solid and kept my interest going forward into Khloe’s story. Although it was predictable Millar had me more focused on what Khole’s plans were after being captured and not rescued by her partner. It’s unfortunate, but no answers were given to what might push this story forward until the very last page, exposition and world building is important to the story but I found myself uninterested in those aspects because not much was involving our main character.

The next three pages are used to explain what kind of facility Khole is being taken too. A gigantic prison that holds thousands of the universe’s most dangerous criminals. And it is then revealed that Cody is in the prison as well, bandaged up and very much alive, despite the outcome of the heist she committed in the beginning of the issue.

Mateo’s art was very enjoyable and gave the same vibe as Image Comic’s Weatherman by Jody LeHeup and Nathan Fox. The neon pinks and yellows really popped in this book and the character designs were fun to look at for a while before flipping each page.

Although this story was enjoyable and beautiful to look at, it falls short in really grasping the scope of what Millar is wanting to do with this story moving forward. It does leave the reader wanting more and I can assume Khole and Cody will team up, break out of prison, and go after the people that wronged them, but there just wasn’t enough story in this first issue to fill in those blanks.


You can pick up your copy of Space Bandits at your local comic shop on July 3rd 2019.


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