Writer: Grant Morrison 

Artist: Liam Sharp 

Colorist: Steve Oliff 

Letterer: Tom Orzechowski 

Hal Jordan is in a fight for his life! A demon wizard from a faraway universe is ready to end him. Things aren’t always what they seem, Sir Hal is fighting tooth and nail with the Green Lantern who goes by the name AH-BAH-NAZURR. Hal, fully decked out in emerald armor bearing a sword and shield in hand looking like a true Knight in the cosmic court. Instead of enjoying his vacation Hal is flying around on dragons on a planet (Athmoora) that hates him and is quickly draining his power ring.

A cosmic threat is on the rise wiping through the multiverse and their best and strongest super heroes. Who will stop this plague that is coming for multiple universes? I absolutely love what Grant and Liam are doing in this epic Green Lantern run, more so in this issue with some great characters from Morrison’s comic book past grace these beautiful pages.

I love how this issue is essentially two stories colliding into one, it really raises the stakes and paints the picture that is the QWA-MAN! It will take an army to stop him! This book continues to be the best book on the shelves. Morrison and Sharp leave nothing on the table, A mix of a maddening story-line, witty dialogue and masterful art. This issue is absolutely a must read and can’t be missed!


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