Writer: Kelly DeConnick 

Artist: Robson Rocha & Eduardo Pansica 

Colorist: Sunny Gho 

Letterer: Clayton Cowles 

In the wake of Mother Shark, Arthur is finally made whole. Almost. In the last issue we saw the big reveal, Mera Queen of Atlantis, is with child a true heir to the throne. With Arthur at an absolute loss for words, only fears rise to the back of his mind – will he be a good father? Will he do what his mother never could? Put the child first or be at mercy of the throne? 

A tale of wonder grows upon us as Arthur returns to Amnesty Bay. His home that he has been gone away for, for so long. This issue starts with a history lesson about the first light house in Amnesty Bay, constructed by Captain Maurer, after his crippling guilt for crashing his ship and killing his crew (definitely the makings for a villainous origin story). Arthur arrives with his old God clan while being greeted by another God who he’s very familiar with. 

This story is growing very political with all the issues Queen Mera must face to rule her kingdom correctly. Has she finally found a suitor? The title is on the cover so it is no mystery, Black Manta has returned! The murderous arch nemesis who was thought to be sacrificed along with Arthur in Drowned Earth is back and he’s meeting with an old friend. This book was beautifully written and full of emotion – a must read for all Aquaman fans.


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