Adam Glass, writer

Bernard Chang, art

Marcelo Maiolo, color

Rob Leigh, letters


In the previous issue, Lobo learns that he has a daughter, Crush, who’s a part of The Teen Titans. Lobo pursues Crush, which puts him in conflict with The Teen Titans. After fighting The Teen Titans, he engages in a brutal fight with the daughter he never knew. This issue begins, the Teen Titans regroup after Lobo’s attack. They make plans to ensure that the second conflict turns out different. Lobo attacks, but this time Crush has a weapon that evens the playing field. The epilogue shows and encounter between Lex Luther and Lobo setting up future conflicts with The Teen Titans.  

The last issue ends with a conflict, Lobo versus his daughter. Crush’s anger is understandable; absent, playboy for a father returns unannounced. Lobo’s reaction cements his place as a creep. I was disappointed that the daughter-father story was not explored further or in a different way. There are enough deadbeat daddy and angry daughter stories, we didn’t really need another one.

The art fits the tone of the book and supports the emotional themes around anger, fear, and revenge. However, there were not very many memorable panels. One panel, shows Lobo in the forefront pushing up with The Teen Titans behind him. The picture highlights the position Lobo was forced to take throughout this conflict: The Teen Titans found higher ground due to superior planning and Crush’s Obelus. 

What’s made clear is that Crush and The Teen Titans are resourceful and, given enough time and planning, they can face off against almost anyone in the DC Universe. An epilogue at the end of the issue makes it clear that Lobo and another major villain are coming after The Teen Titans. I am excited about this challenge and how the team will respond. 

Overall = 7.5/10

Final Impressions

If epic, bloody, and violent battles are your thing you’ll love this issue. While the year of the villain looms large, The Teen Titans have already been tested and taken to their limits. I am excited to see how this team responds to their next villain challenger.


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