Writer: Grant Morrison

Layouts: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Finishes: Trevor Scott

Colors: Steve Oliff

Letters: Tom Orzechowski

    Waking up in a bathtub with no memory of the night before is usually never a good sign, but it does make for one hell of a start to our story! It’s the morning after uncle Titus Jordan’s annual family dinner and things go from bad, to absolutely bonkers pretty quick when Hal discovers some of his younger relatives are harboring an alien! Trapped inside the house and having to fend off invaders from the planet Kwyzz, Hal is forced to work with his younger cousin Airwave in an effort to keep their family and new alien friend safe.  Morrison does a fantastic job delivering exactly what any great self-sustaining story needs; an intriguing opening to get you hooked, a conflict with a twist to keep you guessing after every panel, and an ending with plenty of closure with a cliffhanger at the very end that could potentially lead into next year’s annual.

  As great of a story this annual is, the standout factor for me would have to be the dazzling art that graces this comic front to back. When complimenting the legendary story telling of Grant Morrison you need a world class artistic team that holds its own. An early favorite was they way they drew the Kwyzz, while not physically intimidating at first, they end up being quiet formidable adversaries for the Green Lantern. The colors added by Oliff will often mesmerize you, especially during the flashy fight scenes.  While I must admit I did not enjoy this annual as much as I do the Green Lantern monthly by Morrison and Liam Sharp, its still a terrific read and the art alone is reason enough to pick this one up! You can find The Green Lantern Annual #1 at your local comic store today!


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