Written by: Mark Waid

Pencils & Colors by: Javier Rodríguez

Inks by: Alvaro López

Letters by: Joe Caramagna

“History Of the Marvel Universe” is one of  my favorite things in comics. It’s a line that literally runs through the origins of everything in the Marvel Universe in order, and it explains how it all connects to each other. Mark Waid has done a phenomenal job of stringing together 80 years of history and making it all work for modern readers, familiar and unfamiliar. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe becoming the most successful franchise of all time, it’s a reasonable thought to think that there might be some new readers wandering into comic book stores and picking up Marvel books. 80 years of history though can be really intimidating for a new reader, so to put out a book like this that can catch everyone up to speed about literally everything is a great idea, and putting someone like Mark Waid at the helm is a phenomenal idea as well.

In issue 2 of the “History Of the Marvel Universe,” we get to explore one of my favorite periods in Marvel Comics’ history. We get to analyze the 40’s through the 60’s and take a look at the original incarnation of Marvel’s heroes and how they changed the world. We get to take a deep look at the original Human Torch, Namor, Captain America and Bucky, the origins of Hydra and Nick Fury, and many more things. With artwork by Javier Rodríguez that’s highly reminiscent of the late Darwyn Cooke, we get to look at this era of Marvel through a retro lens that makes you feel like you’re reading the original stories from the beginning of Marvel. This issue specifically is awesome for me because I love this time period and these characters, but this book in general is a must read for fans of Marvel Comics, old and new.


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