Writer: Donny Cates 

Artist: Iban Coello 

Colorist: Rain Beredo 

Letterer: Clayton Cowles 

Out of the frying pan and into the fire, Venom and Spider-Man are letting the fist fly, trying to contain the fury that is Absolute Carnage. Hopefully that is also on everyone’s reading docket. This issue picks up right where AC #1 left off. The horde is growing, who will stop this primordial cosmic pestilence? 

This issue briefly covers the end of Absolute Carnage #1 then quickly shifts over to The Maker, Dylan and Normie (Spider-Man’s God son). The Maker aka Reed Richards of the Ultimate Universe is trying to work his magic to remove the Symbiote codex from Normies spine, without killing him. Because death is horrible. A minor little fourth wall break from The Maker, pay attention or you will miss it. Very exciting stuff. 

Not only does Venom #17 touch on Absolute Carnage but also the tie in: Separation Anxiety, almost a must read for this issue of Venom. This book continues to be one of the best books Marvel has to offer. 


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