Writer: Al Ewing 

Pencils: Joe Bennett 

Inks: Ruy Jose with Belardino Brabo 

Colors: Paul Mounts with Matt Milla 

Letters: VC’S Cory Petit 

First things first this isn’t The Incredible Hulk this is The IMMORTAL HULK! The Incredible Hulk is dead, Bruce Banner killed him! Only the Devil Hulk remains supreme. Bruce and the Hulk can die every day, but what is dead may never die. As soon as the sun goes down the Immoral Hulk awakens. The night is his time. The Hulk rules the night. Any monster, pestilence or army generals are no match for the Devil Hulk. 

Immortal #22 left us off with Gamma Flight looking for some much needed revenge against General Fortean and the Shadow Base. Of course it was a trap that they ran right into, in true superhero fashion Hulk and company come to the rescue, or do they? 

Hulk is just a monster but is he calculated? Or is he both? Funny how Hulk is just a monster but has never killed an innocent bystander. The truth is the Hulk always has a plan – all the rage, all the pain, and all the mayhem is directed towards one goal. 

Immortal Hulk is one of my favorite ongoing horror books and continues to be a great super hero comic. Easily the most consistent comic books on shelves, each and every issue is firing on all cylinders.


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