Writer: Scott Lobdell

Artist: Brett booth

Colors: Luis Guerrero 

Letters: Troy Peteri 

In the wake of Heroes in Crisis the DC comics phenomenal comic event, Wally West is Dead, well one of him is. Death is not always the end, at least when you’re a time traveling speedster. The first issue left us off with Wally sitting Blackgate prison for the crimes he did and didn’t commit Wally is no way thinking of escape, but Tempus Fuginaut has something to say about that.

The universe is dying and only the fastest man alive can save it. Tempus Fuginaut an interdimensional super being, kidnaped Wally and gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse – save the universe and redeem himself, reignite the beacon of hope. Speaking of hope, Wally finds himself on Earth 23, home of president Superman. The Superman of this Earth is fighting a dark cosmic all black creature composed of dark anti-matter. Wally has the only weapon that can save Superman and his planet.

This issue dramatically surpassed my already high expectations, full of action packed fight scenes. We see Flash take on some pretty heavy hitters! They are no match for the Scarlet Speedster, one of my favorite parts involved some thunder and lightning! Deep emotional tugs at the heart strings while we see Wally struggle with his failures and past mistakes. Can Wally West truly redeem himself? Will he allow himself to be redeemed?

Also the last page reveal will have Flash fans screaming!


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