Written by: Dave Cook

Art by: Craig Paton

Letters by: Robin Jones

Flats by: Ludwig Olimba

Some of the best comic books ever written come from the big two, Marvel and DC, but more often than not there are some really great hidden gems lying in the independent comic scene. One of those is the new book “Killtopia” by Dave Cook and Craig Paton. This book is an amazing amalgamation of Akira, The Hunger Games, Futurama, and pretty much any other nerdy/futuristic/funny/action movie or tv show that you could think of. This book is funny, creative, action packed, dark, and somehow also a whole lot of fun.

I love the idea of exploring a battle royale scenario in a comic book and I hope to see where that goes in the following issue of this story. The universe is set up really well and we get a good look at the world that these characters occupy, and it’s easy to tell how this world has changed the characters into who they are. The Wreckers are an interesting concept and the diversity in personalities of the many wreckers that we meet in this issue alone are really cool.

Our main character Shinji is relatable and has an endearing motivation for his actions. He’s definitely a character that I’d like to follow around and see where his life goes. The first sentient mech Crash turns out to be a bit of a sidekick character, and so far I’m really enjoying his characterization. I’m a sucker for a badass lead dude with a robot sidekick/best friend, so I was hooked from the moment they met. The character Stiletto is a cool chick that seems like she could either be a really cool character that you love or a really great antagonist that you can’t help but hate. I’m excited to see how she factors into things, and overall I like the direction that the story is headed.

This comic is really well written and the artwork is some of my favorite that I’ve seen in years. This book is incredibly professional and it gives off feelings of both punk rock and modern pop. I really dig the style of this book and I can’t wait to read the next issue.


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